Safety, Security and Liability During a Yard Sale

Summer yard sales are a fun way to reduce clutter while gathering a little pocket change or raising funds for a

charity of choice. If you’re planning to hold such a sale from your yard, sidewalk or garage, be sure to consult

your home insurance agent as part of your preparations.


Consider the fact that dozens of strangers could be on your property during the course of your sale, so you should know how your policy would deal with legal issues, such as litigation from an accident on your premises or an injury caused by a product you’ve sold.


Also, be mindful of protecting yourself from theft, as sometimes your “customers” could be thieves planning to get their hands on your valuables, by asking to use your washroom or some other form of treachery. The key to safety and success is planning ahead.


Organize all your items, throw away broken products, and display on a safe surface with clear pathways.

Most importantly, enlist some help so you have extra hands to sell items and collect money and extra eyes to protect your home and property.


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